Safe production process is our top priority. At MimiPrints, we believe our role and responsibility is to prioritize three things: the health and well-being of our small staff and partners continuing to support our clients, and playing a constructive role in aiding our communities.
The well-being of our small staff is paramount. In addition to our customary high standards of hygiene, we’ve implemented a heightened cleaning regime in the studio regarding the cleaning of equipment. In addition we have provided all necessary cleaning materials and are in daily consultation to ensure best practices are followed.

Delivery times. We're happy to report there has been no impact on our ability to meet our delivery times. Check our Shipping Page for any updates about this topic.

An Incouraging word and a Huge Thank You to Paramedics, Midwives, Nurses, Doctors, and the scentific community in the frontline of this epic battle against Coronavirus. We never forget that you are our too often undervalued heroes. We're with you and promise to do all we can do to support you. We'll keep painting beutiful art for you with all possible colors on the earth to cheer you up. Mostly, staying safe wearing our masks and washing our hands :-).