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About MimiPrints

MimiPrints Anatomy and Science Art watercolor prints
MimiPrints is a small artists company. We paint, print and sell our watercolor prints and original artworks to private and enterprise customers.

Our mission
Extra quality art at affordable price.
We call ourselves a quality-affordable art factory. MimiPrints watercolor art is a fusion of personal imagery and minimal contemporary design. Our favourite medium is watercolor paint. We also paint with oil, gouache and casein paint. We've been working on commission for enterprise and private clients since 2006. Our style is modern, contemporary and loose. We print small and large, we paint small, large and extra large.

MimiPrints wall decor prints and posters
Our prints are available in all standard US and European sizes. They display high-quality, sharp vivid images with a high degree of color accuracy and represent the best of quality and affordability. Our watercolor prints are printed on 292 gsm heavyweight non textured matte archival paper. (Color enhanced white, acid fine art free paper).

Painting Subjects
Each artwork tells a story. We love to tell you beautiful stories.
MimiPrints print design covers various subjects. We are specialized in Anatomy Art. During these years, thanks to the requests of our trusted customers, private clients and enterprise, our prints collection has grown. And we're constantly growing our catalog.

MimiPrints Catalog: new prints every day
We have more than 900 prints subjects in the following categories:

MimiPrints guaranteed quality
Extra quality art prints at affordable price require high printing standards and professional digital design skills. We have both. Every artwork is digitally reworked in high resolution designs files to reach the highest definition, that you can see as result in terms of quality and vibrant colors.

MimiPrints are durable Fine Art Prints
Our prints are Museum Quality giclee editions. This means the colors are guaranteed not to fade for many decades. MimiPrints are produced with high standard professional printer like the Epson Stylus Pro 11880, one of the finest large format professional printers available. We use only highly pigmented Ultrachrome inks with the widest possible gamut so that even subtle shadows and highlights are reproduced both in colors and black and white.

Our prints are equal to the original artworks in terms of vivid colors, resolution and definition.

Passionately painted, professionally printed and safely shipped worldwide.

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